The History of Christus Victor

Christus Victor Lutheran Church of Fayetteville NC held its first worship service in an old store front on November 18, 1962 with ten charter families. It has grown from those early years to a present membership of 258 people. Ft. Bragg Army base is located just outside of Fayetteville, NC. This means that over half of our congregation is made up of retired or active military.

Christian Education has played a large part in this church’s ministry. In March of 1963 the church began its first Catechism classes. In July of 1995 the congregation began groundbreaking for a new educational unit. Our current building was completed and dedicated in September of 1996. Ten years later the church added on a narthex and two years after that a playground.

Like so many other churches, these additions were to aid the ministry of the church. It is very difficult to do ministry without having the facility to make it happen. We have over the years upgraded our PA system so it is both audio and video. We video record each of our Sunday morning services broadcasting them into the nursery and narthex. We also make the recordings available on our church web site and send them to our deployed men and women overseas. We have a children’s message each Sunday which helps the younger members of our church better connect with what is taking place in the service.

The youth group is very active, between 15 and 25 young people go on a mission trip each summer. The youth conduct worship once a year, serve a valentines dinner, help with VBS and take part in other ministries within the church and the surrounding community. The VBS summer ministry attracts about 75 young people and helpers.

Our faith and ministry as a church is centered on the Word of God. Because of this strong belief we found it necessary in November of 2010 to look at our relationship to our parent church. The ELCA in our opinion was becoming more and more liberal in its use and interpretation of scripture. Therefore we felt compelled by our faith and understanding of scripture to seek a denomination that was more in line with our church theologically and biblically. On February 28, 2011 we took our final vote to disaffiliate with the ELCA and join the AALC.

Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57 NIV