• on March 23, 2020

Sermon for Lent 4

John 9
This entire chapter of John’s Gospel really is amazing to me. You got a guy who from the time of his birth had no ability to see. You got Jesus correcting the erroneous view that it was a particular punishment for his or his parents’ sin. You got a rather peculiar healing. Then there’s an inquiry in which the pharisees look quite frankly like a bunch of insufferable idiots. And it all ends with the most important conclusion of all: Regardless of whether the guy was still blind, lame, crippled, or unhealed…he now new the Light of the World. The Holy Spirit got him. And as a result — and quite naturally — he worshipped Jesus.
I. The pharisees, man. WE FOLLOW MOSES. To them…at least most of them…Jesus wasn’t what they were expecting or supposed to be expecting. They knew Moses. And even Jesus commends Moses and the prophets as God’s source of truth when he gives the account of the rich man and Lazarus. But they simply flatout refused to accept the One greater than Moses who was now walking among them. I mean the stubborness of it all is galling. These guys even march this guy’s parents into the room and they VERIFY THAT HE WAS BORN BLIND. And they still refuse to see Jesus for who he is. This is the kinda stubborness I expect from cats. (Sorry, Remy.) But lemme ask you sumthin: Is Jesus ever not who we expect? I mean the fact that y’all are viewing this message on Facebook is kind of a major inconvenience, no? Just thumb through any newscycle and we are all tempted to say Lord this is NOT what I signed up for. This sorta thing is supposed to happen in like the 1300s not 2020. And as we wring our hands looking at 401ks and start wondering about a stop in income it’s easy for us to get frustrated. To perhaps even wonder: Is this Guy still at the right hand of the Father???
II. He is. And he’s the light of the world. He heals this guy using a rather unsusual technique. (Some ancient church fathers actually believe the guy had no eyeballs and Christ was simply making them out of the dust of the ground like Adam.) But honestly, Jesus can like do whatever he wants and stuff. And after the sham of the synagogue trial, now it was time to cure his real blindness. His previous so-called spiritual leaders had abandoned him. Our Great Shepherd does not. Tell me sir, so that I can believe. You’re lookin @ him, son. And I who have restored your sight am about to do even more for you…something of utmost importance. Those guys who kicked you out? Yeah, they hate me too. In fact they hate me so much they’re gonna arrest me, and ship me off to the governor to call for my execution. Yeah, I can do miracles. Sure, I could easily stop them. But I’m gonna let ’em do it. For you. You have a much bigger problem than blindness. You got a sin one. And I’m gonna conquer it once and for all. Brethren, these are dark times. But like the man born blind, we see clearly. We belong to the Light of the world. For today…and eternity.

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